Federal Appropriations Law Refresher (8 CLPs)

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This one-day course provides a general overview of the most important principles of federal appropriations law supplemented by the most recent developments, GAO decisions and HHS policies. Topics include a review of the bona fide needs rule and how it applies to severable and non-severable contracts, the various sections of the Antideficiency Act and how they apply to NIH contracts and programs and conducting agency business during continuing resolutions and sequestration. Class discussion will be augmented with practical exercises to reinforce these key fiscal concepts.
This class is intended for contracting personnel, CORs, program personnel, administrative officers and assistants, budget officers and anyone else interested in learning more about how federal appropriations law pertains to NIH programs.

Key Topics
  • An Overview Of Federal Appropriations Law
  • The bona fide needs rule and severable vs. non-severable services
  • The Anti-Deficiency Act
  • Continuing Resolutions & Funding Purposes
  • Recent fiscal developments, cases and policies


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