Telework Tips for Employees

Become eligible for telework 

  • Have the conversation with your supervisor about telework options. 
  • If the supervisor isn’t comfortable with a regular telework agreement, suggest a telework trial period or ask them about teleworking occasionally under an ad hoc agreement. 

Create a productive environment for teleworking

  • A dedicated area for work is vital to teleworking.
  • Research available resources/tools for telework such as Office Communicator and teleconferencing.
  • Develop a systematic way of working with documents to keep work assignments and personal items separate.

Manage relationships

  • Maintain work relationships with supervisors, colleagues, peers, and customers.
  • Start viewing project or assignment updates as an opportunity to become more results oriented.

Be prepared for emergencies

  • Understand the expectations of your supervisor if OPM, HHS, or NIH declares Unscheduled Telework/Unscheduled Leave and/or emergencies occur.

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