EEO Special Emphasis Programs

Understands the functions of EEO Special Emphasis Programs and the application of measures to ensure that equal employment opportunity and treatment of employees exist in all occupations and at all levels of the organization.

Key Behaviors
  • Monitors and facilitates efficient processing of reasonable accommodations/accessibility requests in accordance with established federal disability laws, regulations and policies.
  • Develops and implements strategies for managing Special Emphasis Programs in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Conducts data analysis, surveys, and assessments to identify barriers in all major personnel areas and actions.
  • Develops annual Special Emphasis Program observances and activities consistent with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Establishes partnerships with affinity groups, agency officials, and professional organizations to promote the outreach and recruitment efforts of the organization.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.