Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success

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This dynamic workshop series is designed to provide you with insights, tools, and strategies to improve your leadership skills and expand your capacity to lead effectively. Designed around the topics that research and experience show to benefit women the most, this multi-day program focuses on helping you to develop your own vision, voice, leadership presence, resilience, and successful integration of work and life priorities. Through a highly interactive experience facilitated by leadership educators and coaches, you will gain a deeper awareness of your unique strengths, perspective, opportunities for growth and possible "de-railers" or stress behaviors.
Prior to the workshop, you will take the DiSC assessment tool, which will provide insight about your leadership style, behavior and the effect you have on others.

Key Topics
  • Learn the basic competencies of emotional intelligence and behavioral style and practice important communication techniques such as listening, inquiry, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Uncover distinctions and strategies for moving from reactionary to visionary in work and life and develop centering and self-management practices for building resilience at work.
  • Identify values and strengths as part of what constitutes your personal leadership presence and explore how you may be sabotaging your own leadership effectiveness, all while building and strengthening your peer network.


The target audience for this course is NIH women at the GS-13 level and equivalent positions & above.

<Note: This class takes place on 3.5 days that are not consecutive. Please click on the schedule