Supervisory Refresher

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This two-day interactive program provides refresher training for experienced NIH supervisors and managers. Participants will explore emotional intelligence; difficult employee issues/resolutions; the performance management process; and tools and techniques to develop a work-life balance.

Did you know that supervisory training is mandatory? Taking this course meets the requirements for experienced supervisors. Please click on the link for program learning objectives: Click here

If you're interested in only one or two topics from the Refresher course please consider our SuperShorts: 3-hour trainings for the busy supervisor: SuperShorts.

Key Topics
  • Applied Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Relations
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Remote Workers
  • Managing Change
  • Work and Life Balance

Find out more about the mandatory requirements at our NIH Resources for Supervisory Training.

NIH Experienced Supervisors (1+ years)