Managing Change - Strategies and Tools for NIH Leaders

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Implementing change is a critical responsibility of any leader. We can improve our chances for success if we have in place a mindset and change management framework to inform the actions we take, the pace we pursue, the way we communicate, how we address the “human-side” of change and navigate around obstacles and resistance.

Participants who attend this course will have a pragmatic and actionable framework for implementing change and an improved ability to identify course corrections necessary to fully achieve critical goals and outcomes.

Key Topics
  • Understanding the dynamics of change and effective techniques for leading change in your leadership role at the NIH
  • Assessing the “readiness” of your team/staff/division to implement change and making necessary adjustments to your change management plan
  • Examining and fully understanding the impact of change on people and how to see the “human-side” of change as an opportunity for collaboration
  • Apply knowledge and strategies acquired during the course to a specific change management situation you are facing and gather useful input on solutions


All NIH supervisors/managers, particularly those leading change management initiatives.