Managing Challenging Email

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Email - the quickest communication that is often interpreted differently. Managing challenging emails in the workplace requires a combination of interpersonal communication skills, self-awareness, and organizational understanding.

Participate in this interactive half-day session with staff from the NIH Office of the Ombudsman to identify and address the top 5 email frustrations. Recognize problematic emails from real-life scenarios and learn how to respond. Practice effective email communication that gets a response, conveys the desired tone or communicates emotions productively. Develop strategies to manage and deescalate email conflict and identify email best practices.

NIH ombudsmen use their expertise in communication, conflict resolution and organizational dynamics to help individuals and groups identify and resolve underlying causes of conflict and will provide you with tools to communicate effectively and appropriately via email.

Key Topics
  • Identify problematic emails
  • Practice effective email communication
  • Develop strategies to manage and deescalate email conflict
  • Identify email best practices


This course is designed for Federal employees at all levels interested in improving their email communication skills.

Please Note: This class focuses on sending or receiving challenging emails and is not intended to improve general writing skills. If you would like to improve your writing skills please consider the following courses:

Writing Skills for NIH Employees - NIHTC2114

Effective Writing Refresher (Half-Day Workshop) - NIHTC2116