Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors

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This course will explore the mystery of why we follow some people and ignore others. Through discussions and activities, you will be able to identify the essential behaviors of a leader, learn how to think like a leader, and gain valuable knowledge in how to build your own following as an individual contributor. It’s important to demonstrate leadership behaviors even when you don’t manage a team. Explore challenges of leading without formal authority with your peers across NIH and explore how to best leverage relationships and hold others accountable.

Key Topics
  • Becoming a "Go To" person, rising above the ordinary, creating positive change, building rapport, meeting needs others ignore and demonstrating integrity.
  • Identifying essential behaviors of a successful leader, maintaining a positive and resilient attitude and building a personal growth program to support the demands of leadership.
  • Creating positive change, maintaining an optimistic and resilient attitude, and investing in the development of others.


This course is available to all non-supervisors.