FCN 190: Fundamentals of the FAR

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This two week class provides foundational knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system. The course focuses on applying the FAR to real-world scenarios found in contracts planning, formation and administration phases. The course is designed for acquisition workforce members seeking a FAC-C Level I certification. This is a rigorous course, requiring a considerable amount of focused effort and involves reading, interpreting and applying the FAR. Students will be evaluated by quizzes and examinations and must earn at least 80% to pass.

Key Topics
  • Acquisition Planning and Source Selection
  • Competition Requirements
  • Contract Types
  • Publicizing Contract Actions and Socioeconomic Programs
  • Solicitation of Offers, Bid Evaluation and Proposal Evaluation
  • Contract Awards and Bid Protests
  • Performance Measurement
  • Contract Modifications and Administration
  • Disputes and Appeals
  • Terminations and Contract Closeout Procedures