CON 1400: Contract Post-Award

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This 7-day class builds on a foundation of essential skills and competencies for managing contracts and ensuring contractor performance meets contractual requirements. You will examine the duties performed by contracting personnel during the post award phase of the acquisition process and improve your knowledge and skills in managing contract performance. This course is one of four courses within the Contracting Certification Training Program.

Key Topics
  • Describe the contract administration planning and decision-making processes
  • Summarize the characteristics of contract payment
  • Describe contract communication mechanisms for contract execution
  • Recognize the fundamental concepts that ensure quality assurance in contract performance
  • Summarize the aspects of managing subcontracts and maximizing small business participation through subcontracting.
  • Summarize the characteristics of managing changes during contract performance.
  • Describe contract interpretation and disputes and contract termination.
    Audience: NIH employees who are entry-level contracting professionals, and other members of the acquisition who are preparing for the Contracting Certification Exam.
    The NIH Acquisitions Community