CON 1300: Contract Award

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Discover the skills and competencies that contracting specialists must acquire and apply throughout their careers. This course addresses skills and competencies most basic and fundamental to the contracting professional specific to contract award, which includes conducting cost or price analysis, planning negotiations, selecting a source, and understanding protests. This course is one of four courses within the Contracting Certification Training Program

Key Topics
  • Recognize key offer elements.
  • Summarize contract risk, including cost, schedule, and performance risk and summarize the proposal analysis techniques.
  • Given a contractor's offer, perform price analysis.
  • Summarize cost analysis and cost realism techniques.
  • Document the proposal analysis results.
  • Given the FAR, DFARS, and PGI, summarize the policies and procedures for planning contract negotiations.
  • Outline the process for the initial screening of offers and the process for evaluating offers.
    Audience::NIH employees who are entry-level contracting professionals, and other members of the acquisition who are preparing for the Contracting Certification Exam.

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