CON 1200: Contract Pre-Award

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This 8-day class builds a foundation in essential contracting skills and competencies, such as general principles related to defining requirements, market research, acquisition planning, and solicitation development. This course is one of four courses within the Contracting Certification Training Program, based upon specific competencies within the Contracting Training Model

Key Topics
  • Summarize the major elements of performing risk analysis through acquisition planning
  • Summarize contractor strategies and motivations in the competitive processes
  • Recognize effective teaming, joint venture arrangements and how a contractor executes a sales plan
  • Summarize the major components of formulating an acquisition strategy
  • Summarize the steps required to effectively shape internal customer requirements
  • Describe a solicitation and summarize major components of formulating an acquisition strategy
  • Recognize how a contractor executes a sale plan.
  • Summarize the terms and conditions to include in a solicitation and requirements for publicizing solicitations and contract actions
  • Summarize offer submission process and the need for a solicitation amendment.
    Audience:Entry-level NIH contracting professionals preparing for the Contracting Certification Exam

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