Communicate with Confidence and Clarity: Small Group Virtual Presentation Skills Training

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In our new work from home environment, face-to-face presentations are a distant memory. Though it may not feel like you’re presenting, each virtual meeting, discussion, and briefing is a presentation opportunity that can elevate your work and career. Consider that working virtually enables us to overcome old barriers such as location, fixed schedules, and the pace at which we work. Yet, these developments often fail to meet the challenge of connecting and communicating meaningfully with a virtual audience. This course acknowledges those virtual communication challenges and provides practical strategies that will help you communicate in more polished and persuasive ways. Designed specifically for NIH professionals, you’ll receive valuable feedback on how to overcome any communication challenge while elevating your virtual delivery skills.

Key Topics
  • Virtual environments
  • Storytelling, the do’s and don’ts
  • Successful messaging for all
  • Identify specific ways to elevate your executive presence.
  • Present your most confident self in any virtual presentation and public speaking opportunity.Present confidently in a virtual environment
  • Receive templates to assist with communicating concisely and with purpose


All NIH Employees.