Entering Elections into myPay - Be Certain to Check your Entry Before Submitting it!

myPay is the self-service system that allows you to make a number of employee elections, such as changes to your home address, TSP contributions, direct deposit of pay, allotments, tax withholdings, and Open Season health benefits elections. When entering elections into myPay, carefully read the important information contained on the entry pages. If you move between states, you must complete a state tax form for your new state and e-mail it for processing to the Final Authorizers Unit at OD-OM-OHR-WRD-CHRProcessing-GOVT@od.nih.gov.

For TSP elections, be certain to enter the amount into myPay that you want withheld from your pay each pay period. Also, be certain to carefully indicate whether you want to make Traditional or Roth contributions. It is very important that you enter your elections accurately because the Retirement & Employee Benefits Branch (REBB) cannot stop or change elections that you have entered into myPay. After a TSP election is entered into myPay, it will be effective at the beginning of the next pay period. It will take 1-2 pay periods before it is visible in myPay and on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). Only one regular TSP election and one TSP Catch-up election can be entered into myPay during a pay period.

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