Telework Checklist for Supervisors

Prepare for the discussion

  • Read the NIH and IC telework policies
  • Complete the telework training
  • Understand what the eligibility requirements are
  • Determine staff eligibility and notify them
  • Identify technology resources available

Start the discussion by explaining IC policy

  • Gov’t-furnished equipment, property, and supplies 
  • Reimbursement of phone and internet expenses 
  • Maximum telework frequency
  • Approval/Denial process

Be specific when stating your expectations

  • Meeting performance requirements (PMAPs)
  • Adhering to/changing work schedules
  • Maintaining productivity (quality/quantity/timeliness)
  • Responding to e-mails and voice mails 
  • Using sensitive/confidential information 
  • Attending office meetings on telework days 
  • Reporting injuries
  • Handling “down time” from equipment or power issues 
  • Adhering to privacy, security, and ethics policies
  • Working during emergencies
  • Obtaining pre-approval for OT/comp time, leave, unscheduled/ad hoc telework, travel to the office
  • Appropriate use of duty hours (no personal business or child/elder care)
  • Reporting updates of work assignments
  • Meeting safety responsibilities at the telework site 
  • Getting assistance, e.g., IT helpdesk or on-site staff   

Finish by listening to the staff

  • Be receptive to discussing concerns from onsite staff and teleworkers
  • Address questions (Clarify!  Clarify!  Clarify!)
  • Be open to different ways of doing business, e.g., webcams, conference calls, Instant Messaging, etc.
  • Ensure each person walks away knowing their role is important to the organization

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