Scientific Review Management

Plans and conducts scientific review activities to ensure an unbiased, informed review process, and successful programmatic outcomes.

Key Behaviors
  • Understands the various stages of the NIH application/proposal submission, referral, administrative review, and award process.
  • Monitors the scientific review process and ensures consistent quality through the appropriate application of rules, regulations, guidance, and requirements.
  • Identifies and assigns reviewers with the required expertise, taking into consideration scientific excellence, as demonstrated by grant and publication record; experience and fairness in the peer review process; and breadth of expertise.
  • Communicates accurate and up-to-date NIH peer review policies and instructions to educate and train reviewers.
  • Avoids, mitigates, or eliminates situations that present a COI or appearance of a COI.
  • Assesses needs for reviewer expertise, assesses expertise of potential reviewers, recruits appropriate reviewers, and abides by policies/practices for maintaining equitable representation and diversity in these recruitments.
  • Considers FOA/Solicitation-specific elements and requirements in the administrative review of applications/proposals, for the critique template, and when giving guidance on review criteria and summary statement writing.
  • Assesses completeness of the applications/proposals and monitors for adherence to instructions.
  • Utilizes knowledge of and tools for data-mining to analyze information both qualitatively and quantitatively to support the review process.
  • Assesses applications and reviewers for potential Conflict Of Interest (COI) or appearance of COI.
  • Determines the expertise required for the review panel.
  • Manages peer review meetings consistent with applicable statute, regulation, and policy.
  • Summarizes scientific review meeting outcomes and communicates to appropriate audiences.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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