NIH Manual Chapter 1311: Summary of 2021 Updates

Summary of Modifications to provide further detail and clarification on policy, scope, and procedures

Section Changes
B. Policy
  • Clarified the goals of the Anti-Harassment Program/Civil Process
  • Added language and examples of all covered protected classes (race; ethnicity; color; religion; national origin; age; disability; genetic information; and sex including pregnancy, gender identity, transgender status, and sexual orientation)
C. Scope
  • Separated out contractors and included specific language for that population
D. Procedures
  • Clarified that contract staff are encouraged to first discuss concerns with their contracting company, but they may report to Civil as well
  • Included CORs under, “management responsibilities”
  • Created a separate section to expand on the difference between the Civil Program process and the EEO complaint process through EDI
  • Expanded explanation of the initial review step in the administrative inquiry process
F. Roles and Responsibilities
  • Added section for CORs and Project Officers
  • Revised Employee and Labor Relations Branch responsibilities
G. Additional Resources
  • Updated language about services provided by the Employee Assistance Program and the Office of the Ombudsman
H. References