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Welcome, Class of 2024 Interns and Fellows!

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On July 18, the incoming Class of 2024 Management Interns and Presidential Management Fellows participated in a two-week hybrid orientation organized by a committee of current interns and fellows. The NIH Management Intern Program (MI) and the Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) are highly competitive, immersive professional development programs. Over two years, interns and fellows complete developmental rotations across and outside NIH, work with a mentor, and participate in a variety of NIH-wide projects.

2024 Management Interns and Presidential Management Fellows Photo
New interns and fellows attend a hybrid orientation at the Natcher Conference Center on July 18. Pictured from left, front row: Valery Rodrigue, Avanti Iyer, Jackie Chen, Lydia Wilson, Amina Chtourou, Michelle Dwyer, Christina Kenosky; second row: Emily Carlson, Alexandra Hudson, Christian Beata; projector screen, top row: Stephanie Tison, Lindsay Clements, Amanda Skarlupka; projector screen, middle row: Chissa Rivaldi; projector screen, bottom row: Kirsten Evans.

Click here to learn more about the NIH MI Program and the PMF Program. If you have rotational opportunities available for these highly motivated high performers, please post them on the MI/PMF SharePoint Site. (You can click the Request Access button to receive site access.)