Annual FAR Update

All NIHTC classes available for FY23 registration (August and September) are posted. If the class of interest to you is not posted, this class has either been conducted or is full. Check back in a few weeks when the NIHTC posts FY24 classes. Registration for FY24 classes begins in October.

Course Number

This one-day session summarizes recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Course material is continually updated and covers FAR changes finalized in the 12-month period preceding each class. This class enables busy acquisition professionals to "catch up" on a year's worth of changes in a single day. Coverage of particular agency supplements will be provided upon request at no additional charge.

Key Topics
  • General overview of the Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Review of significant FAR changes in previous calendar year and their impact
  • Review of HHSAR changes and projected pending changes

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