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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I attended an NIHTC class last week and am not seeing an update to the completion status on my Learning Management System (LMS) profile. When can I expect to see a “Successful” status?

Q: I’m scheduled to attend training. Will the NIH Training Center still conduct classes given the current situation?

Q: When will my IC see the Common Accounting Number (CAN) charge for a class an employee attends?

Q: Will my training completion certificate be automatically uploaded into the Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (CSOD)?

Q: How can I tell if I’m enrolled in an NIH Training Center class?

Q: As a manager, do I need to let the NIH Training Center know that I've approved my employee to attend a class?

Q: I see a class I am interested in attending, but the notes indicate that the class is a "Closed Enrollment." What does that mean? Can I attend?

Q: How do I register for coaching sessions?

Q: When do you post the virtual platform link for classes?

Q: I signed up for a class scheduled on a Friday before a Monday holiday. Will the class end early?

Q: Can contractors and NIH fellows take virtual classes at the NIH Training Center?

Q: How do I know which mandatory training courses I should take?

Q: How do I access Skillsoft in the LMS?

Q: Where is my certificate from the class I just attended?

Q: Our IC wants a class for just our employees at our location. What do I do to make this happen?

Q: I took the Basic ITAS class.  What class should I take next?

Q: I received a notification stating I’m on a wait list for a class I am taking.  What does that mean?

Q: I’m having trouble accessing the DDM Seminar Series Website?

Q: How are DDM Seminar Series speakers selected?

Q: Can I nominate a speaker if I am a contractor at NIH?

Q: What can I do if I am unavailable to attend the live DDM Seminar?

Q: Can I receive Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for attending a DDM Seminar?

Q: Can I take the Retirement Refresher class even if I have not attended the FERS or CSRS Pre-Retirement classes?

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