WiTS Reassigning and Forwarding Actions Reference Guide


Reassigning and forwarding actions is a way to ensure that actions are accessible to the correct person.

Who Can Reassign and Forward Actions? Every WiTS user with access to the action(s) they seek to reassign and/or forward.


  • Forwarding an action means you are sending the action to another user so that they can continue working the action in your place. Before forwarding, you need to reassign the action to the person you will forward the action to. When you forward an action to another person you are telling WiTS that another person will be completing your step in the process. This may happen when you will be on extended leave, or for any other reason that someone else will be performing your work for a period of time.
  • Reassigning an action means you are changing the ownership of the WiTS action (ex. HRS, HRA, etc). When you reassign an action, you are telling WiTS that a different person will be now be performing the assigned role for the rest of the life of the action. This typically needs to occur when someone is leaving the team and work needs to be distributed to other staff. When reassigning an action, you will also need to forward the action to the new person so that it will be accessible to them from their worklist.  


  • Forwarding and/or reassigning is not the same as routing an action. Routing an action means that you are sending that action to the next step of the process (which may, but does not always, mean that you are sending to another person).
  • It is important to reassign actions in a timely manner when a staff member departs so that status and workload reporting accurately reflect work assignments. 
  • Archived or completed actions cannot be reassigned or forwarded.

Reassigning the Action

  • Find the action you want to reassign-

(Scenario A) If you are reassigning one of your own actions, it will be in your ‘My Worklist’ tab.

(Scenario B) If you are reassigning another person’s action, you will need to go to the ‘All Branch Actions’ tab to find the action.

  • Open the action- 

(Scenario A) If you are opening your own action, simply click on the WiTS number from the worklist and the form will open.

(Scenario B) If you are opening another person’s action, click on the WiTS number, checkmark the box of the last activity on the list, and click ‘Complete’. This will open the form.

  • On the ‘Action Details’ tab, select the name of the new person who will handle the action.
  • Save the Action using the SAVE and EXIT button at the top of the form.
  • The action has now been Reassigned.

Forwarding the Action

  • Select the action(s) you wish to Forward-

(Scenario A) If you are selecting an action from your ‘My Worklist’ tab, check the box next to the action(s) and click on the ‘Forward’ button located at the top of the action list. You can forward more than one action at a time when the actions are in your Worklist. Remember, all selected actions should be reassigned before forwarding.

(Scenario B) If you are selecting an action from any other tab, click on the WiTS number, checkmark the box of the last activity on the list, and click ‘Forward’. You can only forward one action at a time when the action is not in your worklist.

  • "Inside the 'Forward' box, in the 'To' field, type one of the following: Last Name, First Name, or Email Address (the email address will match what is listed in the user's NED profile under "NIH AD Email", generally FirstName.LastName@nih.gov format) to find the person you want to forward the action to. Click the ‘Detail’ button next to the name to expand the user information and confirm this is the person you want to forward the action to. Ensure that only their name appears in the ‘To’ line.
  • After you select the user to forward the action to, you can choose to enter a comment in the ‘Comment’ box if you would like. This text will appear in the comment panel in the action.
  • Click ‘Send’ and your action will be forwarded!