Donate Your “Use-Or-Lose” Hours To The NIH Leave Bank Or VLTP To Help A Co-Worker In Need!

Last year, NIH employees lost an estimated $5.9 million in annual leave. Don’t let your leave disappear!  Please donate your unused “Use-or-Lose” annual leave to the NIH Leave Bank or Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) by January 13, 2024! 

Leave donations to the NIH Leave Bank or VLTP reinforce the charitable and giving spirit of the NIH community and ensure your fellow employees experiencing a personal or family medical emergency have the paid leave they need. 

Employees have two options for donating leave to colleagues who have exhausted their own leave and have a medical emergency that prevents them from working: 

  • NIH Leave Bank – The Leave Bank is a leave sharing program where employees donate annual or restored annual leave to the Bank and members draw hours out to cover personal or family medical emergencies. Donations can be made in ITAS or you may contact the Leave Bank Office at to donate via a paper form. 

    Additional information can be found.

    If you are unable to access ITAS or have questions, please contact the NIH Leave Bank Office at 301-443-8393 or

  • NIH Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) – TheVLTP allows you to donate accrued annual and restored annual leave to others who are faced with a personal or family medical emergency. VLTP donations are made to specific individuals using ITAS.  

    For more information, please visit the NIH Voluntary Leave Transfer Program.

    Please direct any questions to your IC Representatives for the NIH Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP).