Don’t Lose Your “Use-Or-Donate” Leave – Donate It To The NIH Leave Bank To Help A Co-Worker In Need!

Last year, NIH employees lost an estimated $5.9 million in annual leave. Don’t let your leave disappear!  Please donate your unused “Use-or-Donate” annual leave to the NIH Leave Bank by January 13, 2024! 

Leave donations to the NIH Leave Bank reinforce the charitable and giving spirit of the NIH community, ensuring the Leave Bank will have leave available for fellow employees experiencing a personal or family medical condition who have exhausted their own leave. Your donations are critical in assisting fellow NIH employees – here is one of their stories:

“I desperately needed time off to do dialysis three times a week while I waited for three years for a donor organ to be available. Then I had the transplant surgery, and still needed time for the recovery. I was very scared and worried how I could take so much time off without taking leave with no pay. While asking around I found out about the Leave Bank. It was a life saver. I am very grateful that NIH has this program and hope more and more people will donate leave to the LB so that all can have one less thing to worry about during prolonged illnesses.” – NIH Leave Bank Recipient

Don’t lose it – donate it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

How to donate:

  1. Donations are made in ITAS at
  2. After you log in, select “Donate to Leave Bank” in the tool bar. 
  3. Then enter the type of leave (annual or restored annual), the number of hours you wish to donate, and select “Ok.”

Please note: Once your donated hours have been approved by your Leave Approving Official and deposited in the Leave Bank, they cannot be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions and additional information about this exciting benefit can be found on the NIH Leave Bank website

If you are unable to access ITAS or have questions, please contact the NIH Leave Bank Office at 301-443-8393 or