Administrative Professionals

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Below is a list of classes that the NIH Training Center recommends for the role of Administrative Professional.

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Acquisitions Management

Introduction to Project Management

Course ID: NIHTC9414

Are you looking for a more in-depth, structured approach to project management that can also lead to Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

Administrative Systems & Policy

Advanced ITAS for Timekeepers

Course ID: NIHTC2626

Students will explore various timekeeping issues that may arise for timekeepers and administrative officers. Learn how to troubleshoot employee timecards.

Basic ITAS for Timekeepers

Course ID: NIHTC2624

Learn how to use the Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS) - a computerized application tool that timekeepers, supervisors, and employees use to report and track time and attendance.

EHCM System Training

Course ID: NIHTC4009

The Capital HR system has upgraded to Enterprise Human Capital Management (EHCM). Special Note: Level 5 (tier 2) Security Clearance is a pre-requisite for EHCM System access.

Federal HR for Administrative Professionals

Course ID: NIHTC8600

Federal HR for Administrative Professionals will help you successfully meet organizational objectives and abide by human resources laws as you handle the HR aspects within an administrative role.

Foreign Travel (Concur Government Edition)

Course ID: NIHTC2701

Receive complete instructions for preparing travel for individuals traveling on behalf of the federal government to Foreign countries. During hands-on exercises, class participants will prepare foreign travel using the NIH CGE Travel System.

ITAS for Supervisors & Leave Approv. Officials

Course ID: NIHTC2627

Attention Supervisors! Become familiar with pay and leave policies and procedures at the NIH. Learn how to use the Integrated Time & Attendance System (ITAS) to fulfill your supervisory responsibilities related to time and attendance.

LMS Learning Administrator

Course ID: NIHTC1003

This hands-on course, delivered in 3, 2-hour sessions over 2 days, fulfills the requirement to gain access as a Learning Administrator.

LMS Local Learning Registrar

Course ID: NIHTC1001

This hands-on course, delivered in 2 (TWO),2-hour sessions over 1 day, fulfills the requirement to gain access as a Local Learning Registrar (LLR).

LMS People Administrator

Course ID: NIHTC1002

This newly redesigned course has been reduced to one day. It fulfills the requirement for employees to gain access as People Administrators.

Sponsored Travel (Concur Government Edition)

Course ID: NIHTC2702

This class will give travel planners, reviewers, and approvers a complete overview of Sponsored Travel. During this one-day class, Sponsored Travel documents will be created in the CGE Travel System through hands-on exercises.

Title 42 at NIH

Course ID: NIHTC8810

This course will explore the legal and policy foundations of the Title 42 appointment and pay authority which provides NIH with the flexibility needed to attract and retain scientists with outstanding scientific, technical and clinical skills.

Budget and Data Skills

Hands-On Data Visualization Workshop

Course ID: NIHTC4022

Crystal clear charts and graphs are valuable - they save an audience's mental energy, keep a reader engaged, and help to persuade your audience.

Introduction to the NIH Budget Process

Course ID: NIHTC5260

Note: This course was recently revised to include an expanded portion on Budget Execution. This course is designed for new Administrative Officers and Technicians, entry-level Budget Analysts, and Administrative Lab Managers.

Microsoft Excel Level 1

Course ID: NIHTC7005

Save time and increase productivity by learning EXCEL! This class is designed for students who want to acquire the necessary skills to get started with Microsoft Office Excel worksheets.

Microsoft Excel Level 2

Course ID: NIHTC7006

EXCEL is a great tool for turning complex information into more simple snapshots to inform your stakeholders, as well as organize your data.

Microsoft Excel Level 3

Course ID: NIHTC6699

The Microsoft Office Excel Level 3 course lets learners build upon their foundational and intermediate knowledge of working with spreadsheets and introduces participants to high-end features, like PivotTables and Charts, collaborating with others,

Microsoft Excel Level 4

Course ID: NIHTC7008

The Microsoft Office Excel Level 4 course is designed for advanced Microsoft Office Excel professionals who may work or be interested in the domain of finance, statistics, project analysis, and market analysis including the fields of micro- and ma

SharePoint Site User

Course ID: NIHTC7015

Microsoft® SharePoint® is a platform specifically designed to facilitate collaboration, allowing people to use familiar applications and Web-based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location.

Computer Applications and Concepts

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - Beginner

Course ID: NIHTC6001

Adobe Acrobat DC Level 1 is an introduction to Adobe Acrobat DC and provides students with information needed to create and share PDF files and PDF portfolios.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Advanced

Course ID: NIHTC6002

Adobe Acrobat DC Level 2 is advanced Acrobat learning to include converting technical documents to PDF files and preparing files for commercial printing.

Microsoft Office Transition to 365

Course ID: NIHTC6629

This class is designed to support students who are transitioning from prior versions of MS Office. Each new release of Office builds upon the successes of the previous generations and makes the next version even better.

Microsoft Outlook Level 1

Course ID: NIHTC7010

Build the basic skills you need to start using Outlook to manage your email communications, contact information, calendar events, tasks, and notes.

Microsoft Outlook Level 2

Course ID: NIHTC7011

Upon course completion, you will be able to customize command sets, configure mail accounts, set global options, perform advanced searches, apply filters to intercept mail and control spam, create rules to automate many management tasks, work with

Microsoft PowerPoint 1

Course ID: NIHTC7012

PowerPoint Live Online Webinar Level 1 will help you be clear, organized and engaging during presentations, allowing you to grab and maintain an audience?s focus.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2

Course ID: NIHTC7013

PowerPoint Level 2 takes your presentations to the next level as you master design templates, customize slide shows, and work with media and animation.

Microsoft Project Level 1

Course ID: NIHTC6649

This introductory class is designed for students who have an understanding of project management concepts, who are responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage those project plans.

Microsoft Project Level 2

Course ID: NIHTC6623

Students in this class will have an understanding of project management concepts, have the basic skills to create and modify project plans using Microsoft Project 2010, and have a need to use Microsoft Project 2010 to manage and customize those pl

Professional Development

CliftonStrengths: Discover What You Do Best

Course ID: NIHTC4900

“Live Your Best Life” using Gallup's CliftonStrengths! This course will help you recognize your talents, build them into strengths, and learn how to apply them on the job.

Customer Service at NIH

Course ID: NIHTC4017

The late great poet Maya Angelou once said, "I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." At NIH, we feel the same way.

Emotional Intelligence

Course ID: NIHTC4004

To be successful at work, leaders, managers and staff need a mixture of intelligence, technical skills and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Leading Change

Course ID: NIHTC4103

As a leader at NIH, you work in a world that is moving faster than ever.

Managing Conflict and Challenging Conversations

Course ID: NIHTC4203

This session will provide you with science-based and experientially-tested techniques to deescalate destructive confrontational situations and other misunderstandings at work.

Managing Effective Meetings

Course ID: NIHTC4101

The shift to remote work means that the ability to lead virtual meetings that are effective and engaging has suddenly become a critical core competency for managers, leaders, and professionals in all fields.

Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Bosses

Course ID: NIHTC5110

Do you experience never ending to-do lists, pressure deadlines, and constant interruptions, change, or stress? Managing your work day is a skill that needs constant sharpening regardless of your years with the NIH.

Managing Up, Down and Across

Course ID: NIHTC4510

Taking your career to the next level requires professional relationships and a reputation for producing stellar results. You must be able to combine technical skills with interpersonal skills.

Myers Briggs Training

Course ID: NIHTC9590

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop will equip you with personal tools for better self-management, communication, and relationship management.

Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success

Course ID: NIHTC4504

This dynamic workshop series is designed to provide you with insights, tools, and strategies to improve your leadership skills and expand your capacity to lead effectively.

Writing Skills for NIH Employees

Course ID: NIHTC2114

In this one-day workshop, you'll learn the three dimensions of professional writing: organization, format, and style.

Retirement Preparedness

Pre-Retirement Workshop (CSRS)

Course ID: NIHTC5812

Are you prepared for retirement? This three-day Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits.

Pre-Retirement Workshop (FERS)

Course ID: NIHTC5810

Are you within ten years of retirement eligibility and beginning to consider life after NIH? This three-day Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits.

Retirement Refresher Workshop

Course ID: NIHTC5815

This course is designed for the Federal Employee within 1 year of retirement, who has already completed the 3-Day Planning for Retirement Seminar, and who is reviewing options for retirement and fine-tuning decisions on when to leave service.

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