Foreign Travel (Concur Government Edition)

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Receive complete instructions for preparing travel for individuals traveling on behalf of the federal government to foreign countries. During hands-on exercises, students will prepare foreign travel using the Concur Government Edition (CGE) Travel System. You will receive a handbook to use as a desk reference. Multiple monitors are encouraged for virtual training participation, though not required.

Note: This course is intended for current Concur Government Edition (CGE) Travel System users. To gain access to the CGE Travel System, new users will need to take the 3-day Domestic Travel class. Domestic Travel is a prerequisite for this class.

Key Topics

Key Topics:

  • Gain understanding of federal travel rules and regulations governing foreign travel.
  • Online Notification of Foreign Travel (NFT) preparation.
  • Identify passports and visa requirements.
  • Compliance with the Fly America Act when making reservations.
  • Explore using the CGE Travel System to enter foreign travel authorizations.

Existing travel planners with CGE access.

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