Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Bosses

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Do you experience never ending to-do lists, pressure deadlines, and constant interruptions, change, or stress? Managing your work day is a skill that needs constant sharpening regardless of your years with the NIH. After taking this course you'll feel recharged about your work, gain a new perspective and leave with strategies on identifying priorities,
managing stress, and communicating with others.

Key Topics
  • The importance of planning priorities and how to WIN every hour
  • How to prioritize the workload from multiple bosses
  • Techniques to manage levels of stress and motivation
  • How to handle interruptions and the impact of focus and self-discipline
  • How to better manage email and expectations
  • The value in delegating for results and asking for help


This program will benefit anyone who is interested in increasing their productivity and acquiring a new level of personal effectiveness.

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