ITAS for New Timekeepers & AOs

Course Number

This class was formerly called Basic ITAS for Timekeepers. The class was retitled, but the course content remains the same.

Learn how to use the Integrated Time and Attendance System (ITAS), an application that timekeepers, supervisors, and employees use to report and track time and attendance. Learn how to accurately complete and maintain employee time and attendance records. Through class lecture and hands-on exercises, learn the HHS regulations and NIH procedures necessary to create and maintain these records. Students will receive reference materials for use on the job.

Key Topics
  • Learn timekeeper duties and responsibilities.
  • Learn administrative officer (AO) duties and responsibilities related to ITAS.
  • Explore the different categories of leave, premium pay, tours of duty, and proper procedures for each category.
  • Learn how to create and edit timecards, create and delete leave requests, when and how to edit employee profile information, and add and remove supplements.

New timekeepers, AOs, and support staff with time and attendance responsibilities in ITAS.