Sponsored Travel (Concur Government Edition)

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Course Number

This class will give travel planners, reviewers, and approvers a complete overview of sponsored travel. During this one-day class, sponsored travel documents will be created in the Concur Government Edition (CGE) Travel System through hands-on exercises. Students will receive a manual which includes in-depth sponsored travel policy. Multiple monitors are encouraged for virtual training participation, though not required.

Note: This course is intended for current CGE Travel System users. To gain access to the CGE Travel System, new users will need to take the three-day Domestic Travel class. Domestic Travel is a prerequisite for this class. The Foreign Travel class is encouraged before taking the Sponsored Travel class, but not required.

Key Topics
  • Review of the sponsored travel process and policy, including documentation requirements.
  • Learn the CGE Travel System functionality related to sponsored travel.
  • Identify methods of reimbursement for travel expenses.
  • Learn procedure to properly allocate expenses between the sponsor and NIH.
  • Assign and allocate expenses among one or more sponsors.

Existing travel planners with CGE access.