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Announcing a Career Development Program for GS 5-11 Employees

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The Emerging Talent Program (ETP) is a new career development program designed specifically to support NIH employees at the GS 5-11 levels (including wage grade and/or Title 42 equivalents). The ETP provides a comprehensive platform for skill enhancement, professional growth, and cross-functional collaboration. During the six-month program, participants meet two days each month to enhance essential skills like communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and networking. The Emerging Talent Program is part of our Career Development Continuum of programs.

In 2024, the NIHTC will offer two ETP pilot cohorts of 30 participants each. Cohort 1 begins in February and Cohort 2 begins in April. Both cohorts include a combination of virtual and in-person sessions.

The call for ETP nominations was sent to Executive Officers in December and ends on January 31, 2024. If you are a GS 5-11 (or equivalent) NIH employee interested in embarking on an enriching career development journey, discuss your interest with your supervisor and follow your IC’s internal nomination process.

Visit the ETP website for more information, or contact with questions.