The Civil Case Workflow Guide


The WiTS Civil Case workflow is used by the Civil Program Team in the Office of Human Resources (OHR), to track actions related to uncivil behavior involving NIH staff members, such as harassment, sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct, intimidation, bullying, or other unproductive, disruptive, and/or violent behavior.

Entering and reviewing the data: Tabs

WiTS workflows are comprised of ‘Tabs’, which are completed in consecutive order by one or more persons. Below is a list of what information is captured in each tab.

Action Details Tab

WiTS Action Details Tab image
  • WiTS#
  • Date Entered
  • Action Type
  • Date Recv’d in HR
  • IC Contact Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Position Title
  • Administrative Code, Institute/Center, Organization Initials
  • Civil Team, Civil Supervisor, Program Specialist
  • Action Status Code, Action Status/Description
  • Comments

Allegation Info Tab

WiTS allegation info tab

Intake Information

Information of how the case was reported to the Civil Team.

  • Source
  • Intake Party Type
  • Intake Party Last Name, First Name, Party MI, Employee ID, Badge ID
  • Intake Party Affiliation 

Reporting Party/Respondent

Information of the participants involved in the case.

  • Last Name, First Name, MI, Employee ID, Badge ID
  • Employee Type, Position Title, Pay Plan, Series, Grade, Step
  • FLSA Status, Bargaining Unit, Supervisory Status, Supervisory Probation End Date, SES Probation End Date
  • Next WGI Eligibility Date, Last Performance Rating Date, Last Performance Rating, Last Preliminary Performance Rating Date, Last Preliminary Performance Rating

View NIH Staff History Report

This report displays any past Civil activity related to the Reporting Party.

Case Tab

WiTS case tab
  • Type of Case
  • Sub-Case Type(s)
  • Primary Location(s) of Incident
  • Date Supervisor Contacted
  • Follow Up Date
  • Supervisor Follow Up Notification Details 
  • Number of Related Consultations

Corrective Action Tab

WiTS corrective action tab
  • Type of Case
  • Related ER Specialist
  • Recommended Action(s)
  • Recommended Resource Referral(s)
  • Final Action(s)
  • Final Resource Referral(s)

View Related ER Actions

This report displays past ER activity related to the Respondent

Case Closure Tab

WiTS case closure tab
  • Date Case Closed (Note - entering a date in this field does not close the case action; use the routing menu to close the case)
  • Follow Up Date
  • Follow Up Notification Details

Moving through the workflow: Routing


  1. Civil Program Specialist- initiates Civil Case action
  2. Civil Supervisor- optional- can close action or return to Civil Program Specialist
  3. Civil Program Specialist- closes action

Routing options

The routing menu is used to move actions through the process and/or to send emails. The options and email recipients may change based on who has the action in their worklist.

WiTS Civil routing buttons

The Civil Program Specialist can:

  • Close Case 
  • Send to Civil Supervisor
  • Send email to ER Specialist
  • Cancel Action

The Civil Supervisor can:

  • Close Case 
  • Send to Civil Program Specialist
  • Send email to ER Specialist
  • Cancel Action

Communicating status and reminders: Emails

Based on established SLA’s and/or business rules, email notifications and reminders may automatically be sent from WiTS, throughout the completion of the workflow. For more information about why and when these emails are sent, visit our WiTS email library.

  • Subject: Follow Up with Supervisor- who/when/why (trigger)
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