Confirm Your State Tax Withholding

When was the last time you checked the tax withholdings on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) for accuracy? Confirming that state taxes are being withheld for the correct state is extremely important. If you fail to make a state tax withholding election, the withholdings automatically default to the state of Maryland. An address change from one state to another completed in myPay does not automatically change your state tax withholding. If you move between states, you must complete a state tax form for your new state and e-mail it for processing to the Final Authorizers Unit at

You can access your LES in myPay to view your withholdings. Should you discover taxes are being withheld for the wrong state, complete the appropriate state tax withholding form. Additionally, you should immediately notify the Leave, Payroll & Workforce Support Unit of the problem by calling 301-496-2404, or via e-mail at With sufficient notification, withholding problems reported prior to the end of the calendar year can be corrected.