Creating a Maxiflex policy for your IC/O

In order to implement a Maxiflex Work Schedule, each IC/O must develop an internal Maxiflex policy that provides employees with IC/O-specific parameters for using Maxiflex. This policy must be approved by the Office of Human Resources’ Workforce Relations Division. Please note that while each IC/O may further narrow Maxiflex parameters, they may not be broader than those identified in NIH Manual Chapter 2300-610-4 Alternative Work Schedules, which are also listed below.

The following parameters must be addressed in your IC/O policy:

  • Address eligibility to utilize a Maxiflex Work Schedule
    • Could be similar to eligibility for telework
    • This schedule may not be appropriate for all positions
  • Minimum number of hours worked in a day, to be no less than 2
  • Maximum number of hours worked in a day, to be no more than 13
  • Minimum number of hours worked in a week, to be no less than 20
  • Maximum number of hours worked in a week, to be no more than 60
  • Earliest start time available, to be no earlier than 5 a.m.
  • Latest end time available, to be no later than 11:59 p.m.
  • Core Hours, on at least one day but no more than nine days in a pay period
    • Employee must be working or on leave during core hours
  • Allowance for work on Saturdays
    • Employee discretion or does it need pre-approval?
  • Eligibility to earn and use credit hours
    • One time supervisory approval, but not all employees have to be eligible
    • Minimum time to earn – i.e. at least one hour?
  • Guidelines for use of split schedules o i.e. entering into ITAS, notifying supervisor, etc.
  • Procedures for informing supervisor of schedule and scheduling changes
    • Recommend employees establish a typical arrival time & any deviation more than one hour (or whatever time you establish) earlier or later should be communicated to supervisor; identify by when/how
    • Recommend requiring employees enter anticipated schedule into ITAS at the beginning of each pay period (this can be changed throughout the pay period)