Best practices and lessons learned: for supervisors

On April 22, 2024, HHS released the updated Instruction 990-1 Workplace Flexibilities Policy. NIH OHR's Workplace Flexibilities websites and resources are in the process of being updated due to recent policy changes. We appreciate your patience as we update our resources and release communications related to policy implementation.

It is important that each IC/O establishes a policy and communication expectations that work for their mission and workforce. Do what works for you! The following are suggestions from the pilot of Maxiflex in ITAS.


  • Start employees on Maxiflex at the beginning of the pay period, versus in the middle of a pay period.
  • Ensure employees understand the pay period begins with a blank timecard ... there are no pre-populated tour hours, unless they have previously submitted leave or ad hoc TW.
  • Have employees enter their tentative schedule in ITAS at the beginning of every pay period (they can edit as many times as desired).
  • Have employees put any days where they have no regular hours planned onto a public calendar, shared team calendar, etc. (e.g. when the employee plans to have a day off in the pay period).
  • Establish rules that guide expectations for communication about delayed arrivals or early departures.
  • Encourage staff to update their location and status in Outlook Communicator/Lync.


  • Maxiflex doesn’t impact an employee’s telework eligibility.
  • Maintaining employees’ Maxiflex schedule(s) and telework day(s) in one place, i.e. a shared Outlook calendar, can assist managers in ensuring office coverage.


  • If an employee is planning to be out an entire week, they should spread the leave hours over each M-F week day so their supervisor doesn't think they are taking 10 hours of leave for four days in a row, and then coming in on Friday.


  • Supervisors should establish clear expectations for communication about employees’ schedules.
  • If an employee was previously on a FWS and able to earn credit hours but once on Maxiflex becomes ineligible to earn credit hours, then those credit hours stay on the record but become unavailable for use (earning/using credit hours is linked in ITAS).