Develop Personal and Organizational Capability

Promote continuous development of own and others’ skills.

Key Behaviors
  • Keeps abreast of current developments in field of expertise.
  • Continuously strives to learn/ assimilate/ integrate new ideas and information.
  • Identifies new technical and/or business capabilities needed to improve organizational performance and efficiency.
  • Builds organizational capability through hiring, developing, or other actions.
  • Identifies skill areas to be developed and translates them into measurable goals, for self and others.
  • Regularly gives honest, constructive feedback, both formally and informally.
  • Addresses difficult personnel situations in a timely manner.
  • Coaches others by identifying development opportunities to help them make the most of their skills and potential.
  • Mentors others by sharing expertise and experiences, and providing informal advice.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.