WiTS Senior Level Review Workflow Reference Guide


The WiTS Senior Level Review workflow is used by the Compensation and Policy Division (CPD) and the Client Services Division (CSD) in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to track the review/approval and processing of cases that involve senior level employees where NIH committee review and Building 1 approval is required. A Senior Level Review Case action can be initiated in one of two ways: Initiated from the HR Request Page by an authorized IC staff member or initiated in WiTS by an HR Specialist.

Entering and reviewing the data: Tabs

WiTS workflows are comprised of ‘Tabs’, which are completed in consecutive order by one or more persons. Below is a list of what information is captured in each tab of this workflow.

Action Details Tab

  • WiTS#
  • Date Entered
  • Date Recv’d in HR
  • Related Title 42 Request #
  • Case Preparer First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number
  • IC Contact First Name, Last Name, Email address
  • IC Executive Officer First Name, Last Name, Email address
  • IC Director First Name, Last Name, Email address
  • Administrative Code, Institute/Center, Organization Initials
  • Proposed Effective Date
  • HR Specialist
  • Date Case Received
  • CSD Branch Chief
  • Global Recruitment
  • Last Saved/Updated By
  • Initial Package Complete
  • List of Missing Docs/Info
  • Date Missing Docs Email Sent
  • Date Missing Docs/Info Received
  • Hold Case
  • Priority
  • Action Status Code
  • Action Status
  • Action Status Description
  • Case Closed/Returned CommentsNote: Comments entered in this field are displayed on the Status Report.
  • Internal Comments

Candidate Tab

  • NIH Employee?
  • Candidate’s First name, MI, Last Name, Email address, Employee ID, NED ID
  • Candidate Degree
  • Current Position Title, Pay Plan, Series, Grade, Step
  • Current Professional Designation
  • Current Title 42 Category
  • Current Title 42 Tier
  • Current Title 42 Band
  • Current SBRBPAS Position Category
  • Current SBRBPAS Specialty
  • Current Specialty
  • Current Board Certification
  • Current Basic Pay
  • Current Adjusted Basic Pay
  • Current Additional Compensation Amount
  • Current Additional Compensation Type
  • Current Total Compensation Amount

Request Tab

  • Is this an appeal/resubmission of a previous request?
  • Date of Previous Submission
  • Case Type
  • Is this request in response to a General Call?
  • Nature of Action
  • IC Proposed Pay Plan
  • IC Proposed Series
  • IC Proposed Position Title
  • IC Proposed Grade
  • IC proposed Step
  • IC Proposed Title 42 Category
  • IC Proposed Title 42 Band
  • IC Proposed Title 42 Tier
  • IC Proposed Professional Designation
  • Date of most recent BSC review
  • Peer Review Required
  • Date of Peer Review Approval
  • Date IC Standing Committee Recommendation
  • Date of IC Director Approval
  • IC Proposed Basic Pay
  • Current Position Pay Amount
  • IC Proposed Position Pay Amount
  • Current Scientific Management Expertise Component
  • IC Proposed Scientific Management Expertise Component
  • Current Breadth/Depth Scientific Knowledge Component
  • IC Proposed Current Breadth/Depth Scientific Knowledge Component
  • Current Internal Partnerships Component
  • IC Proposed Internal Partnerships Component
  • Current External Partnerships Component
  • IC Proposed External Partnerships Component
  • Current Special Requirements/Quals Component
  • IC Proposed Special Requirements/Quals Component
  • Current Medical Scarcity Component
  • IC Proposed Medical Scarcity Component
  • Current Corporate Citizenship Component
  • IC Proposed Corporate Citizenship Component
  • Current Scientific Professional Accomplishments Component
  • IC Proposed Scientific Professional Accomplishments Component
  • Current Managerial Duties Component
  • IC Proposed Managerial Duties Component
  • Current Special Quals Component
  • IC Proposed Special Quals Component
  • IC Proposed Additional Compensation Amount
  • IC Proposed Additional Compensation Type
  • IC Proposed Total Compensation Amount
  • Exceeds Pay Range
  • IC Proposed SBRBPAS Position Category
  • IC Proposed SBRBPAS Specialty
  • Slot Request Number
  • IC Proposed Basic Pay
  • Tour of Duty
  • IC Proposed Market Pay
  • IC Proposed Annual Pay
  • IC Proposed Title 38 Pay Table
  • IC Proposed Title 38 Tier Level
  • Authority
  • Time Limit

Committee Review & Recommendation Tab

  • Reviewing Committee
  • Date Case Sent to Committee
  • Committee Review Date
  • Committee Recommendation    
  • Committee Recommendation Comments
  • Committee Recommended Basic Pay
  • Committee Recommended Additional Compensation Amount
  • Committee Recommended Additional Compensation Type
  • Committee Recommended Total Compensation Amount
  • Committee Recommended Scientific Management Expertise Component  
  • Committee Recommended Breadth/Depth Scientific Knowledge Component  
  • Committee Recommended Internal Partnerships Component  
  • Committee Recommended External Partnerships Component  
  • Committee Recommended Special Requirements/Quals Component  
  • Committee Recommended Market Pay Amount
  • Committee Recommended Title 38 Pay Table
  • Committee Recommended Annual Pay
  • Committee Recommended Title 38 Tier Level
  • Committee Recommended Position Pay Amount
  • Committee Recommended Medical Scarcity Component
  • Committee Recommended Corporate Citizenship Component
  • Committee Recommended Scientific Professional Accomplishments Component  
  • Committee Recommended Managerial Duties Component
  • Committee Recommended Special Quals Component

Building 1 Review & Decision Tab

  • Date Case Sent to Building 1
  • Date Case Docs Received in Building 1
  • Building 1 Decision
  • Building 1 Decision Date
  • Building 1 Decision Comments
  • Approving Official
  • Date Case Returned from Building 1
  • Nature of Action
  • Building 1 Approved Professional Designation
  • Building 1 Approved Basic Pay
  • Building 1 Approved Position Pay Amount
  • Building 1 Approved Breadth/Depth Scientific Knowledge Component
  • Building 1 Approved Scientific Management Expertise Component
  • Building 1 Approved External Partnerships Component
  • Building 1 Approved Special Requirements/Quals Component
  • Building 1 Approved Medical Scarcity Component
  • Building 1 Approved Corporate Citizenship Component
  • Building 1 Approved Internal Partnerships Component
  • Building 1 Approved Scientific Professional Accomplishments Component
  • Building 1 Approved Managerial Duties Component
  • Building 1 Approved Additional Compensation
  • Building 1 Approved Additional Compensation Amount
  • Building 1 Approved Additional Compensation Type
  • Building 1 Approved Total Compensation Amount

Final Processing Tab

  • Effective Date
  • Date Pro’d in Personnel Processing System (EHCM)
  • Supplemental Pay Expiration Date

Moving through the workflow: Routing

HRS or IC Case Preparer (Initiates Action) then

HRS (Reviews Case & Coordinates Review/Approval) then

Bldg. 1 Approver (Approves) then

HRS (Completes Action)

Routing Options

The routing menu is used to move actions through the process and/or to send emails. The options and email recipients may change based on who has the action in their worklist.

When the action is in the ‘Initiate’ step:

  • Submit
  • Cancel

When the action is in the ‘Bldg1 Approval’ step:

  • Return to Senior Level Pay HR Specialist
  • Return to Senior Level Pay HR Specialist- No Action

When the action is in the ‘Pending Final Processing’ step:

  • Case Incomplete - Send Email
  • Case Docs Rec’d - Send Email
  • To Committee
  • To Committee - Send Email
  • To Building 1 – Send Email
  • Send to Building 1
  • Email Outcome to IC & CSD BC
  • Close Case
  • Close Case & Send Email
  • Send to WRD Pay Specialist
  • Cancel Action

Communicating status and reminders: Email

Based on established SLA's and/or business rules, email notifications and reminders are automatically sent from WiTS throughout the completion of the workflow.

Subject: Notification: Retention Incentive Expiring on [XX/XX/XXXX] for John Doe ([IC, Org Inits, Admin Code])

-Sent to the Branch Chief, HRS, AO and employee 120, 60, and 0 days before the retention incentive expires.