WiTS NIHTC Class Offering Workflow Guide


The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) Class Offering workflow is used by the NIHTC to track class offerings that will be managed, approved, and coordinated. 

Entering and Reviewing the Data: Tabs

WiTS workflows are comprised of ‘Tabs’, which are completed in consecutive order by one or more persons. Below is a list of what information is captured in each tab of this workflow.

Class/Offering Tab

  • WiTS#
  • Date Entered
  • Last Saved/Updated By
  • Program Manager
  • Training Coordinator
  • Enrollment Training Type
  • Remote Supplement ID
  • Course ID
  • Offering ID
  • Title of Training
  • Class Minimum
  • Course Description
  • Class Maximum
  • Course Abstract
  • Class Start Date
  • Rescheduled Start Date
  • Class End Date
  • Rescheduled End Date
  • Location, Location Maximum
  • Other Location
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Start Date/Week Day
  • End Date/Week Day
  • Number of Days of Class
  • Classroom Type
  • Offering Comments

Cost & Vendor Tab

  • Vendor Payment Required
  • Classroom Cost
  • Vendor Cost
  • Material Cost
  • Parking Cost
  • In-House Printing Needed
  • Administrative Cost
  • Administrative Level of Effort
  • Other Cost Description
  • Other Cost Amount
  • Calculated Tuition
  • Overhead Cost
  • Total Cost
  • Actual Tuition
  • Vendor Name
  • UEI/DUNS Number
  • EIN
  • Vendor Email Address
  • Vendor Phone Number
  • Vendor Address
  • Vendor Justification

Approval Tab

  • Approver
  • Approval Status
  • Approval Status Date
  • Approver Comments

Delivery Tab

  • Delivery Status
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Other Reason
  • Date Training Posted in LMS
  • Date Displayed to Learners
  • Date Class Filled
  • Date SF182 Sent to Vendor
  • Delivery Comments

Close Out Tab

  • Number of Learners Approved
  • Number of Learners Remaining
  • Date LMS Closed Out
  • Number of Additional Learners Not Included in Roster
  • Evaluation Report Attached
  • Final Roster Attached
  • Date of PM Review
  • Close Out Comments

Moving through the workflow: Routing Participants:

Program Manager (Initiates Action) then

Approver (Approves Action) then

Training Coordinator (Reviews Action) then

Program Manager (Completes Action)

Routing Options:

The routing menu is used to move actions through the process and/or to send emails. The options and email recipients may change based on who has the action in their worklist.

When the action is in the ‘Initiation’ step:

  • Send for Approval
  • Cancel – No record Kept

When the action is in the ‘Approval’ step:

  • Approved – Send to Training Coordinator (TC)
  • Modify – Send to PM
  • Disapproved – Close Out Action

When the action is in the ‘Training Coordinator Review’ step:

  • Send to PM – Offering Posted
  • Send Email to Vendor (SF182)
  • Send to PM – Final Review
  • Send to PM – Other
  • When the action is in the ‘Complete Action’ step:
  • Send for Approval
  • Send to Training Coordinator (TC)`
  • Complete

Communicating Status and Reminders: Email

Based on established SLA's and/or business rules, email notifications and reminders are automatically sent from WiTS throughout the completion of the workflow.

Subject: Training Offering [Course ID] Delivery Decision Needed

-Sent to Program Manager and Training Coordinator when training starts in 14 days and ‘Delivery Status’ field is not completed.

Subject: WiTS Reminder to Send SF182 [Course ID]

-Sent to Program Manager and Training Coordinator 1, 3, and 7 days before course start date    when ‘Payment Processing’ and ‘Date SF182 Sent’ are not completed if ‘Vendor Payment   Requirement’ is ‘Yes’ and ‘Payment Process’ is ‘SF182’.

Subject: Training [Course ID] is occurring soon!

-Sent to Program Manager and Training Coordinator when training starts in 2 days and ‘Delivery Status’ field is not cancelled.

Subject: LMS Close out Needed for [Course ID]  [Course Start Date]

-Sent to Program Manager and Training Coordinator when a class close out date has passed and the ‘Date LMS Closed Out’ field is empty.