WiTS Award (PMAP) Workflow Reference Guide


The WiTS Award (PMAP) workflow is used by the Client Services Division (CSD) in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to track and process Quality Step Increases (QSI) submitted for current NIH employees. WiTS Award (PMAP) actions can be initiated in one of two ways: transmitted from ARPS (Awards and Recognition Processing System), or manually initiated by OHR within WiTS. This guide refers to the information captured in WiTS.

Entering and Reviewing the Data: Tabs

WiTS workflows are comprised of ‘Tabs’, which are completed in consecutive order by one or more persons. Below is a list of what information is captured in each tab of this workflow. *Field names with an asterisk indicate that the field will auto populate information if the award was submitted via ARPS.

Action Details Tab

Action Details Tab

  • *Proposed Effective Date
  • *Administrative Code, Institute/Center, Organization Initials
  • *Institute/Center Comments
  • OHR Comments
  • *IC Official/Endorsing Official/Fiscal Official (Awards POC)/Approving Official
  • *HR Specialist
  • HR Assistant/Team Leader
  • Final Authorizer
  • OHR Cancellation Details
  • Cancellation Made By

Award Info Tab

  • *Award Type
  • *Nominee Name
  • *Position Information
  • *Current Step
  • *Next WGI Date
  • *Recent QSI Date
  • *New Step
  • *Award Nomination Period
  • *Justification

Final Processing Tab- For Final Authorizers only

  • Award Effective Date
  • Date Processed in EHCM

Moving Through the Workflow: Routing


WiTS Awards (PMAP) Process

Routing Options:

The routing menu is used to move actions through the process and/or to send emails. The options and email recipients may change based on who has the action in their worklist.

WiTS routing button

The CSD HR Specialist Can:

  • Send to HR Assistant
  • Send to Final Authorizer
  • Cancel Action

The CSD HR Assistant Can:

  • Send to HR Specialist
  • Cancel Action

The Final Authorizer Can:

  • Send to HR Specialist
  • Complete Action

Communicating Status and Reminders: Email

Based on established SLA's and/or business rules, email notifications and reminders are automatically sent from WiTS, throughout the completion of the workflow.

  • Subject: QSI Award Action #12345 for Employee Name has been processed
    -Sent to the employee’s Supervisor and Fiscal Official (Awards POC) after HR has processed the award action in WiTS.
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