WiTS Administrative Request Workflow Guide


The Administrative Request workflow is used across the Office of Human Resources (OHR) to track the processing of administrative requests.

Entering and reviewing the data: Tabs

WiTS workflows are comprised of ‘Tabs’, which are completed in consecutive order by one or more persons. Below is a list of what information is captured in each tab of this workflow.

Request Tab

  • Ticket #
  • Date Initiated
  • Request Preparer Full Name
  • Request Preparer Email
  • Name of Requestor, Requestor Email
  • Priority
  • Requestor’s Employee Type
  • Organization
  • OHR Division
  • Nature of Request
  • Request Type
  • Description of Request
  • Justification

Admin Support Tab

  • Admin Staff Name
  • Date Ticket Submitted
  • Is There a Cost Associated with the Request
  • Amount
  • Date Additional Division Approval Email Sent
  • Date Additional Division Approval Received
  • Additional Division Approver Response
  • Internal Comments
  • Email Date
  • Comments to Requestor
  • ASB Email Date
  • ASB Comments to Requestor(s)
  • Resolution
  • Resolved By
  • Resolution Date

Moving through the workflow: Routing Participants

Requestor (Initiates Action) then

Division Gatekeeper (Reviews or Completes Action) then

ASB Jr. AO (Reviews or Completes Action) then

ASB Sr. AO (Completes Action)

The Routing Menu

The routing menu is used to move actions through the process and/or to send emails. The options and email recipients may change based on who has the action in their worklist.

When the action is in the ‘Initiation’ step:

  • Submit Action
  • Cancel Action

When the action is in the ‘Division Review/Complete’ step:

  • Resolve and Complete Action
  • Send Addtl Approval Email
  • Send Info Only/Status Email
  • Send Response/Info Requested Email
  • Send to ASB (Jr AO)
  • Send to Other Division Admin
  • Cancel Action

When the action is in the ‘ASB Review/Complete’ step:

  • Resolve and Complete Action
  • Send Info Only/Status Email
  • Send Response Requested Email
  • Send to ASB (Sr. AO)
  • Return to Request Preparer

When the action is in the ‘Pending Final Processing’ step:

  • Resolve and Complete
  • Send to ASB (Jr. AO)

Communicating status and reminders: Email

Based on established SLA's and/or business rules, email notifications and reminders are automatically sent from WiTS throughout the completion of the workflow.

Subject: Action Needed: Administrative Request #12345 has been in your (Division) Gatekeeper Worklist for X Number of Days

-Sent to Gatekeeper every 5 days if action has not been routed or completed, beginning 5 days from the initiation date. A final notice is sent on the 60th day.