Property Management

Advises staff on, reviews and coordinates the acquisition, loan, transfer and disposal of accountable property items per HHS and NIH property regulations and procedure, and the NIH acquisition and property management processes.

Key Behaviors
  • Acts as liaison with vendors and service providers.
  • Completes or reviews property documents (i.e., requests for property passes, donations, trade-ins, transfers, surplus, etc.) for accountable user information, property identification information and accounting data before submission to the Property Team.
  • Inventories, operates, maintains, troubleshoots and resolves minor problems and service requirements for a variety of office equipment.
  • Follows the designated process and enters information into the appropriate system to process and when applicable, approve purchase orders.
  • Coordinates with the Property Team for the acquisition, shipment, maintenance, transfer and retirement of surplus NIH equipment.
  • Updates the Property Team on property record changes (e.g., arrival, deployment or return of property assigned, changes to defined users, and changes in location of property due to office/lab moves).
  • Reviews annual Board of Survey reports and directs changes to policies and procedures to reduce risk of property loss.
  • Assists the Property Team in locating missing items.
  • Advises program staff on HHS and NIH property policies, procedures and regulations in relation to the acquisition of accountable property items.
  • Reviews orders to verify proper code and classification of property (e.g., accountable, non-accountable); and following appropriate NIH procedures, ensures the appropriate Object Class (OC) Codes/expenditure type, custodial codes, and Common Accounting Number (CAN)/project numbers are used.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.