Facility Services Maintenance and Operations Management

Understands and applies facility and maintenance knowledge, skills, and abilities to coordinate the delivery of building support services and government owned equipment maintenance.

Key Behaviors
  • Efficiently utilizes computerized maintenance management systems.
  • Manages occupant services (parking, janitorial services, food services, and facility helpdesk).
  • Manages, maintains, and updates existing data records as related to high-risk facilities space and maintenance.
  • Maintains knowledge and awareness of basic heating and cooling systems and appropriate software and system controls for the management of these systems within a facility.
  • Monitors maintenance contractors’ work.
  • Develops custom high-risk space reports and bi-annual activity reports to meet the needs of high-risk facilities stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with others on the formulation and execution of long-range plans for Intramural high-risk facilities to ensure upgrades and facility integrity.
  • Assesses the condition and manages the acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal of government owned facility equipment and interior, exterior and grounds elements.
  • Manages facility operations and maintenance activities.
  • Determines facilities project task and project risks and develops a risk management plan.
  • Recommends the most appropriate way to provide occupant services.
  • Maintains knowledge and awareness of energy and utilities management and institutional policies related to energy usage and conservation.
  • Creates, monitors and manages vendor contract specifications and procurement processes (e.g., request for proposal, statements of work, independent government cost estimates, evaluate technical proposals, and supplemental lease agreements).
  • Resolves contract disputes and works with the Contract Specialist and Contracting Officer when needed.
  • Manages, updates, and maintains high-risk facility drawings and analyzes data reports.
  • Negotiates service level agreements; ensures agreements are met and maintained.
  • Assures that competent maintenance contractors are selected.
  • Manages official high-risk space data inventory of specialized buildings.
  • Efficiently utilizes computerized maintenance management systems.
  • Develops and implements customer project requests to achieve occupant satisfaction and to maintain positive relationships.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.