2020 FEVS Survey Results

Each year, the NIH conducts the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS), a confidential online survey of its eligible federal employees. The survey is administered by OPM and assesses how NIH is doing in providing a positive, healthy, and innovative work environment. The ultimate goal of the survey is to provide NIH and our Institutes and Centers with information to build on our strengths and improve some of our challenge areas.

NIH's overall FEVS survey results are available as a PDF download.

FEVS Response Rates

NIH conducted its 2020 annual FEVS from September 21–November 2, 2020. During this open period, over 10,975 FEVS-eligible employees responded to the survey. This accounts for a:

  • 68.0%
    overall response rate
  • +1.6%
    increase over 2019 response rates
  •  +29%
    increase in response rates since 2014

FEVS OPM Indices

In 2020, NIH is ranked as the highest scoring large Operating Division across HHS in the following OPM indices:

  • 82%
    positive score in Employee Engagement (measuring Leadership, Supervisors, and Intrinsic Work Experience)
  • 79%
    positive score in Global Satisfaction (measuring Job, Pay, and Organizational Satisfaction)
  • 62%
    positive score in Belief in Action Indicator (measuring the belief that survey results will be used to make the agency better)