Acquisitions, COR, and Purchasing Professionals

At NIH, acquisitions functions are important. You may be a Contracting Officer Representative (COR) managing a contract. Or you could be the purchasing agent in your group. These classes help to increase your knowledge and understanding of acquisitions. Please review our Acquisition Management Training Resource Center (AMTRAC) page with more detailed information.

Below are classes the NIH Training Center recommends for the role of Acquisitions, COR and Purchasing Professionals.

Man managing a budget for purchasing

Acquisitions Management

Advanced COR Refresher (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9551

The target audience for this course will be CORs with extensive experience desiring a higher-level refresher approach and/or CORs planning to achieve their FAC-COR Level 3 certification or re-certification.

Annual FAR Update (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9558

This one-day session summarizes recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Course material is continually updated and covers FAR changes finalized in the 12-month period preceding each class.

Basic COR I Essentials (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9552

This one-day course highlights the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) role, responsibilities, conduct, authority and ethics as well as the acquisition phases including planning, solicitation, evaluation and award and contract administration.

Basic Simplified Acquisition (40 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9530

This course provides an overview of simplified acquisition procedures utilizing Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Parts 10, 12, and 13.

CON 1100: Contract Foundational Skills

Course ID: NIHTC9591

This 8-day class explores the numerous skills and competencies required for successful contracting specialist careers, including the acquisition process and general contracting principles, navigating, and applying FAR regulations and guidance, and

CON 1200: Contract Pre-Award

Course ID: NIHTC9579

This 8-day class builds a foundation in essential contracting skills and competencies, such as general principles related to defining requirements, market research, acquisition planning, and solicitation development.

CON 1300: Contract Award

Course ID: NIHTC9578

Discover the skills and competencies that contracting specialists must acquire and apply throughout their careers.

CON 1400: Contract Post-Award

Course ID: NIHTC9577

This 7-day class builds on a foundation of essential skills and competencies for managing contracts and ensuring contractor performance meets contractual requirements.

Contract Closeouts (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9563

This one day training addresses the proper close out and disposal procedures specific to Research & Development (R&D) contracts, Cost Reimbursement contracts, Fixed Price, Time & Materials and GSA Schedule contracts.

COR Management of IT Service Contracts (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9549

This course looks to improving contractor performance by enhancing COR knowledge and practical application of IT contract management principles, policies and procedures from contract award through contract completion.

COR Refresher (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9547

This course meets one of the requirements to maintain a FAC-COR certification at NIH.

COR Refresher Plus (40 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9553

This course provides students with a full review of COR duties and responsibilities and is intended for students who have already obtained a COR certification.

FCN 190: Fundamentals of the FAR

Course ID: NIHTC9567

This two week class provides foundational knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system. The course focuses on applying the FAR to real-world scenarios found in contracts planning, formation and administration phases.

Federal Appropriations Law Refresher (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC5524

This one-day course provides a general overview of the most important principles of federal appropriations law supplemented by the most recent developments, GAO decisions and HHS policies.

Intellectual Property (8 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC9522

This one-day course identifies and explores statutes and regulations that govern the creation, allocation and preservation of intellectual property rights under government contracts.

Managerial Cost Accounting for Decision Support

Course ID: NIHTC9592

Explore effective ways to gather, develop, provide, use, and analyze cost information to accurately determine the full cost of federal programs, their activities, and their outputs.

Writing Statements of Work (16 CLPs)

Course ID: NIHTC8801

This course focuses upon developing the key document in acquisition process, a statement of work (SOW), and stresses legal dos and don'ts as well as procedures and steps for developing clear, complete, and concise SOWs for new acquisitions and tas

Administrative Systems & Policy

Introduction to Purchase Card

Course ID: NIHTC9512

This course is mandatory for prospective Purchase Cardholders or Purchase Card Approving Officials (CAO).

Purchase Card - Logs & Reconciliation

Course ID: NIHTC2635

This one day non-mandatory course is for current Purchase Cardholders and Card Approving Officials (CAOs) that have already completed the initial 3-day NIH Purchase card training (Course# NIHTC 9512) and have been provisioned as P-card Users (Card

Professional Development

Emotional Intelligence

Course ID: NIHTC4004

Emotional Intelligence research shows that knowing how to manage oneself and how to interact successfully with other people is a key component for success at every level in an organization.

Managing Conflict and Challenging Conversations

Course ID: NIHTC4203

This session will provide you with science-based and experientially-tested techniques to deescalate destructive confrontational situations and other misunderstandings at work.

Writing Skills for NIH Employees

Course ID: NIHTC2114

In this one-day workshop, you'll learn the three dimensions of professional writing: organization, format, and style.

Retirement Preparedness

Pre-Retirement Workshop (CSRS)

Course ID: NIHTC5812

Are you prepared for retirement? This three-day Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits.

Pre-Retirement Workshop (FERS) - Daily

Course ID: NIHTC5810

Are you within ten years of retirement eligibility and beginning to consider life after NIH? This three-day Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits.

Pre-Retirement Workshop (FERS) - Weekly

Course ID: NIHTC5811

Are you within ten years of retirement eligibility and beginning to consider life after NIH? This three-day Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits.

Retirement Refresher Workshop

Course ID: NIHTC5815

This course is designed for the Federal Employee within 1 year of retirement, who has already completed the 3-Day Planning for Retirement Seminar, and who is reviewing options for retirement and fine-tuning decisions on when to leave service.