Writing Statements of Work (16 CLPs)

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This course focuses upon developing the key document in acquisition process, a statement of work (SOW), and stresses legal dos and don'ts as well as procedures and steps for developing clear, complete, and concise SOWs for new acquisitions and task orders. This training prescribes an SOW template, a practical approach for identifying and gathering information for each component where practical, and how to add performance measures and incentives.

Key Topics
  • Identify their role, responsibilities, teaming arrangements in developing SOWs.
  • Identify essential SOW components and their interrelationship.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Apply step-by-step procedures to capture SOW information including the POWER approach, job analysis, and work breakdown.
  • Specify deliverables including hardware, software, technical data, and reports.
  • Create, if practical, performance measures tied to quality and timely performance.
  • Create, where appropriate, monetary and non-monetary performance incentives.
  • Format SOW information and use a style appropriate for each component.
  • Perform a comprehensive and effective edit.


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