COR Refresher (8 CLPs)

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This course meets one of the requirements to maintain a FAC-COR certification at NIH. It provides an general review and update of statutory, regulatory, and policy changes and their impact on CORs and discusses how each change affects COR responsibilities and how it should be implemented to ensure legal compliance and to further program interests in acquisition. We also now offer a separate Basic COR Level I class that reviews the responsibilities of a COR that meets one of the requirements to earn a FAC-COR Level I. Further, we also offer an Advanced COR Refresher class for those who desire a more in-depth review or who are interested in earning additional CLPs.

Please contact the Acquisition Career Program for more guidance on specific HHS certification requirements for CORs:

Key Topics
  • General overview of the acquisition process to include review of the roles of the COR, Contracting Officer as well as other personnel.
  • Review and Discussion of HHS Acquisition Plans to include discussion of Market Research and Acquisition Streamlining
  • Discussion of Acquisition Alternatives, Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE), Capability of Performance and Small Business Requirements
  • Cite and know how to implement approaches for conducting Performance Based Acquisition, Source Selection, Competition and Evaluation.
  • Discussion of Determination and Findings and Contract Types
  • Review of Government Furnished Equipment and Intellectual Property
  • Recognize essential elements of fostering an ethical business relationship with contractors.


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