HR System Status

  • Capital HR (EHRP)

  • eOPF

  • GRB Platform


  • ITAS

  • LMS

  • myPay


  • TALX

  • USA Performance

  • USA Staffing

  • USA Staffing Onboarding

  • WiTS


  • No issues
    System is up and operating normally.

  • Planned maintenance
    System is down, undergoing planned recurring or as-needed maintenance.

  • Performance issues
    System is up, but performance or features of the system are not fully functioning.

  • Outage
    System is down unexpectedly due to internal or external factors (network, AMS, etc.).

Please note

  • Status is updated for systems that experience an outage greater than 30 minutes.
  • Status updates are not real time, and there may be a delay before the status is accurately reflected.
  • Please allow additonal time for systems to return to an operational status before contacting your system representative.