Early Career Professionals

Whether you’re brand new to the federal government or at NIH for a few years, attending any of these introductory classes is beneficial.

Below are classes the NIH Training Center recommends for the role of Early Career Professionals.

Professionals meeting in a conference room.

Acquisitions Management

Introduction to Project Management

Course ID: NIHTC9414

Are you looking for a more in-depth, structured approach to project management that can also lead to Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

Administrative Systems & Policy

LMS Learning Administrator

Course ID: NIHTC1003

This interactive course will be delivered over 1.5 days. You must complete the course to fulfill the requirement to gain access as a Learning Administrator.

LMS Local Learning Registrar

Course ID: NIHTC1001

This hands-on course fulfills the requirement to become a Local Learning Registrar (LLR). If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, this course is right for you:

Budget and Data Skills

Introduction to the NIH Budget Process

Course ID: NIHTC5260

Note: This course was recently revised to include an expanded portion on Budget Execution. This course is designed for new Administrative Officers and Technicians, entry-level Budget Analysts, and Administrative Lab Managers.

Principles of Data Visualization

Course ID: NIHTC4025

Staff at NIH frequently need to select an appropriate visual format to communicate data, but how do you choose the format of the visual?

Professional Development

Emotional Intelligence

Course ID: NIHTC4004

Emotional Intelligence research shows that knowing how to manage oneself and how to interact successfully with other people is a key component for success at every level in an organization.

Managing Conflict and Challenging Conversations

Course ID: NIHTC4203

This session will provide you with science-based and experientially-tested techniques to deescalate destructive confrontational situations and other misunderstandings at work.

Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Bosses

Course ID: NIHTC5110

Do you experience never ending to-do lists, pressure deadlines, and constant interruptions, change, or stress? Managing your work day is a skill that needs constant sharpening regardless of your years with the NIH.

Managing Up, Down and Across

Course ID: NIHTC4510

Taking your career to the next level requires professional relationships and a reputation for producing stellar results. You must be able to combine technical skills with interpersonal skills.

Understanding the Dynamics of Change for Non-Supervisors

Course ID: NIHTC4515

Participants who complete this course will have a greater ability to develop change resilience throughout their career and work from a new understanding of strategies to navigate and promote useful change.

Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success

Course ID: NIHTC4504

This dynamic workshop series is designed to provide you with insights, tools, and strategies to improve your leadership skills and expand your capacity to lead effectively.

Writing Skills for NIH Employees

Course ID: NIHTC2114

In this one-day workshop, you'll learn the three dimensions of professional writing: organization, format, and style.

Retirement Preparedness

Supervision and Leadership Development

Federal HR for Administrative Professionals

Course ID: NIHTC8600

Federal HR for Administrative Professionals will help you successfully meet organizational objectives and abide by human resources laws as you handle the HR aspects within an administrative role.