Job Aid: Obtaining Additional Adobe Signatures after the HR-RAMPS Signature Process


This document describes the process of obtaining adobe signatures after DocuSign signatures have been completed within HR-RAMPS.

Download And Print The Document In Adobe

  1. Click on the icon for the HR-RAMPS Workflow.
    My Assignments HR-RAMPS

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the View Summary window and click the icon to download the DocuSigned PDF to your desktop.
    Approver Information

  3. Open the PDF in Adobe. It will display a message at the top ‘Signed and all signatures are valid’. This is because it is a signed PDF. Adobe does not allow directly editing a DocuSigned PDF.
    Detail Form

  4. Print the PDF using ‘Adobe PDF’ print driver as follows –
    • Open Print dialog box using File > Print
    • Click on Printer dropdown and select Adobe PDF.
    • Click Print.
      Print Preview HR-RAMPS

  5. Save the printed copy of PDF to your desktop or the share drive of your choice.
    Save PDF File as preview

  6. Open the PDF in Adobe. Notice the ‘Signed and all signatures are valid’ message is gone. Signatures are still present in the document.
    NOTE: If you get an error message, click Ok.

    Memo Email to HR-RAMPS

  7. Now you can add adobe signature fields as normal.
    • Click Tools > Prepare Form. Click Start.
    • In the Prepare Form toolbar, select signature fields and place them as needed. Save the PDF when finished

Contacting Help

Each Office/Division has a Business Administrator(s) who can provide assistance or contact the NIAID Helpdesk if needed.  Please contact your Business Administrator listed below for assistance.

Office/Division Business Administrator
OD Executive Office
Executive Secretariat
Office of the Deputy Director for Management
Office of the Deputy Director for Intramural Research
Ieshia Hobbs
Allison Magid
OIMP/ASB Jennifer Lampignano
Jessica Watson
OIMP/EDB Shawn Mullen
OIMP/RMB Jean Wartonick
CPD Sorel Barcelo
Jason Howell
Alex Knobel
Erika Kalkofen
CSD Aurelie Eggert
Joyce Robinson
CSD (Branch C Only) Sharde Grinder