Job Aid for Approvers – Quick Look

Working On An Assignment

  1. HR-RAMPS will send out notifications when a step in the workflow requires action. Click on the assignment link in the email to open the step.
    Action Requested Screen

    You can also work on the assignment from the My Assignments tab of the Dashboard.
  2. The steps that have been completed are shown with a green checkmark. The workflow below has been approved by DDIR and has been reviewed by the CPD Unit Chief. For certain case types, Executive level review steps may follow initial approval steps, if required.
    Check Mark

  3. The button will send the workflow back to the Initiator from where it can be re-routed.  Comments must be included when returning a case to identify the reason for the return.
    Return button

    NIH DDM Approval
  4. The Executive Review steps in the Approval section get the button whereas the Approval steps get the button. Clicking on either of these buttons will take the user to DocuSign interface where Executive Reviewer can review the documents and the Approve can sign and review the documents as needed.
    Signature HR-RAMPS Form
  5. The DocuSign interface guides the user through the signing ceremony. Clicking on takes the user to where the signing fields are. The label changes from to once it is clicked.

  6. Click the box to place the signature.

  7. The date is automatically stamped with the date signing is taking place.
  8. Click when done with reviewing and signing the document. The document moves to the next approver in the list.