Workforce Relations Division (WRD)

Division Director: Deborah Coelho

Deputy Director: Vacant

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Develops, administers and evaluates a variety of services, products, and program policy in the employee life-cycle: benefits and insurance; leave administration, to include FMLA, VLTP and leave bank; work schedules; performance management and awards; labor and employee relations; pay action functions; processing personnel actions; position management; support for employee payroll issues; workers’ compensation and retirement and separation.


WRD is comprised of three branches:

  1. Office of the Director, WRD
    • Advises NIH Senior Management on all matters pertaining to Employee and Labor Relations, Benefits, Performance Management, Leave and Work Schedules, and Civil and Anti-Harassment;
    • Plans, conducts and coordinates NIH programs and services in these functional areas;
    • Provides leadership and direction for the Division’s two additional Branches;
    • Conducts Management Analysis to include Project Management, Data Analysis, Process Improvement, and Responses to audits and data calls;
    • Manages policies and programs related to Leave and Workplace Flexibilities;
    • Runs the Civil program and Anti-Harassment initiatives in coordination with other Agency stakeholders (i.e. EAP, Division of Police, etc.).
  2. Employee Relations/Labor Relations Branch
    • Branch Chief: Roman Lesiw
    • Provides advice and assistance to managers on disciplinary, adverse and performance-based actions, processing grievances, and responding to appeals and other third-party actions;
    • Coordinates the NIH and IC labor-management relations program;
    • Conducts negotiations on behalf of management and/or advises management on the conduct of labor-management negotiations;
    • Represents the NIH and ICs in dealing with employee representatives and third-party representatives;
    • Plans, develops and implements internal guidance and provides regulatory and policy advice and assistance on workforce relations matters such as time and leave administration; and
    • Includes Performance Management responsibilities such as:
      • Provides advisory services to the ICs on all aspects of performance management and develops NIH policy to provide management direction on evaluating and recognizing staff through the incentive awards program,
      • Provides guidance to the NIH on Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) and coordinates with HHS regarding PMAP, and
      • NIH Awards Program – Monetary/Time Off.
  3. Benefits and Payroll Liaison Branch
    • Branch Chief:
    • Manages the administration of all employee benefit and entitlement programs,
    • Plans, conducts and evaluates, develops guidance and provides policy advice and assistance on all benefits and entitlements,
    • Serves as liaison with organizations such as OPM and Department of Labor,
    • Provides direct benefit and entitlement counseling to employees and their families and survivors,
    • Manages all employee outreach and information services,
    • Advises employees on Workers’ Compensation policies and procedures,
    • Provides technical assistance and liaison service on payroll and ITAS matters,
    • Monitors the position management and data integrity of Capital HR,
    • Authorizes all personnel actions approved for processing in Capital HR, and
    • Manages the Leave Bank program