Suggested Safety and Occupational Health Specialist (GS-0018) Competency Model

This suggested competency model is designed to help you select the most applicable competencies to your position. Every position has unique requirements; most positions in a job series have similar technical competencies, but the general competencies will vary.

Each competency in this model includes a definition and key behaviors. The definition provides clarity about what is meant by the name of the competency. The key behaviors are examples of observable actions that one might demonstrate with this competency.

Step 1: Identify Technical Competencies Applicable to Your Position

The competencies listed below are the suggested competencies for individuals working in the Safety and Occupational Health Specialist job function:

Step 2: Identify Non-technical Competencies Applicable to Your Position

After identifying the applicable technical competencies, please review the competencies dictionary to identify additional non-technical competencies that are essential in your position. If your position entails supervisory duties or the next step along your career path requires a supervisory role, please review the leadership and management competencies. It is recommended that you do not assess on more than 10 competencies in order to maintain a manageable list of areas for development. 

Step 3: Assessment

Once your list of competencies is complete, you may want to complete a self-assessment, and/or a supervisory assessment, on your competencies. This can help identify areas in which to focus your development. The HHS Learning Management System  will allow you to select, assess, and will automatically suggest development activities.

Step 4: Create an Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plans are designed to help an individual map out their training and development plan for a period of time, generally between one and five years. There are many forms of individual development plans. Two options available to you include a Printable Individual Development Plan or a digital version in the HHS Learning Management System.

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist Competency Based Tools